Agile Testing Manifesto

While we have agile manifesto for marketing and business, I wonder why we do not have Agile Testing Manifesto yet? Probably no one thought of embracing agile manifesto for testing. Probably no one thinks it is important to have a separate agile testing manifesto, as agile manifesto in itself is enough. Or probably it was simply ignored and underemphasised like testing itself.

However when I googled, to my pleasant surprise, I did find couple of versions and previous attempts by fellow agilist in creating an agile testing manifesto:

  1. By Augusto in September 2013
  2. By Neil Fletcher in January 2015
  3. By Sam Laing in April 2015

Brilliant effort!!

Can we make it more inclusive? More collaborative? More clear? More definitive? More agile?

Well, to this goal, Agile Testing Alliance gave a first shot on 16-Jul-2015 in a 45 min time box. We selected most appealing values from previous attempts and added many new. Here’s the first draft:

We are discovering better ways of creating value for our customers and for our organizations through new testing approaches.

Through this work we have come to value:

Testing Driven Development


Development Driven Testing

Thoughtful Testing


Scripted Testing

Business Driven Testing


Requirement Based Testing

Delivering voice of customer


Being a critique

Highlighting Risk


Acting as gatekeepers

Testing Understanding


Checking Functionality #2

Good Enough


Total Conformance

Preventing Defects


Detecting Defects #1 2

Delivering Value


Criticizing The Product #1

Testing With Others


Testing Alone

Improving Our Craft


Following Standard Practices #1

Timely Reporting Of Progress


Weekly Reporting Of Progress

Reporting When Needed


Reporting When Told

Listening To People


Analysing Quality Metrics #1

Testing Throughout


Testing At The End #2

Collaborative Elaboration


Speedy Automation

# 1 – Included from Augusto’s agile testing manifesto

# 2 – Included from Sam Laing’s agile testing manifesto

While we made decent progress in our first iteration, this is work in progress. In the first iteration, we have referred to previous agile testing manifestos and brainstormed on what is missing and which value should be improvised. We purposely let all our thoughts out on the wall and then shortlisted the above. We definitely intend to reduce the number of values to a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5 through public debate and collaboration.

We will apply our own process to publish this manifesto, measure the results, learn from the feedback, and adapt and iterate.

Agile Testing Alliance hereby invites entire agile and testing community to collaboratively answer following questions:

  • Are these the right values?
  • Which values should we eliminate?
  • Should we consolidate any?
  • Have we missed something?