#ATAGTR2017  Meet our speaker series : SANDEEP PATIL

#ATAGTR2017 – Global Testing Retreat – this year’s largest, best and most fun filled global testing conference is definitely an opportunity for people to learn, share and most importantly have fun. Grab a chance to meet and learn from Experts and presenters from across the Globe in #ATAGTR2017.

Among the speaker series we have here Mr. Sandeep Patil, who would enlighten us on his topic “Performance Automation in Dev-Ops

 About Sandeep’s interactive talk (Performance Automation in Dev-Ops):

Sandeep was gracious enough to respond to some of our speaker introduction questions. Please find below responses from Sandeep

1.What attracted you to speaking at #ATAGTR2017 this year?   blog42.What are you most looking forward to at this year’s conference?

Great paper submissions, talks, demos, tutorials will definitely add knowledge.

3.What do you like to do you in your free time? (your hobbies etc)

Watching movies, Cycling, trekking, playing with my kids is a new hobby since 7 years.

4.Who is your inspiration? Please share some lines about the same.

Keeps changing, APJ Kalam is the most inspiring person for me and many of us but nowadays it’s a solution architect in my organisation inspires me the most.Many times sci-fi movies inspires me but that doesn’t lasts for long

Thanks Sandeep for being candid about the queries. We welcome him to #ATAGTR2017

Update on #ATAGTR2017

Please note that there are 4 tracks in the conference, more than 55 sessions, 45+ interactive talks, 8 tutorials, 4 tool demos, fun activities, competitions and CafeATAhon.

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