GTR Presentations 2017


Test Approach for Re-engineering legacy applications based on micro-service architecture  - Sandhya S
Static and dynamic code analysis for mobile applications - Act early to find hidden test issues - Sumit Mundhada
Estimation in Agile Testing - Not a big deal rather it's Fun - Manoj Tiwari
Security Testing / IoT Testing in Real World - Aditya Upadhya
Performance Testing of Big Data Application - Harpreet Kaur Kahai
Unified APM: The new age performance monitoring for production systems - Kaushik Raghavan
Be a User first, then a tester! - Yogesh Khairnar
Keeping pace with Product Evolution: UI Automation Framework Guidelines - Narayan Raman
Test the REST - Varun Deshpande
Analytics Testing - Niyati Shah
Performance Automation in Dev-Ops - Sandeep Patil/ Gorakshnath Dorge
Upgrading a mobile tester's weapons with advanced debugging - Abhijeet Vaikar
Testing in DevOps Culture - Arshi Nazneen
Focusing Test Manager’s time on what matters - managing testing projects; NOT preparing reports - Ajay Emmanuel
Expanding test horizons with Robot Framework - Kushan Amarasiri
Mind Map: Answer to all 'WH' questions in software development - Sachin Mhatre
Security Test Driven Development (STDD) - Surendran Ethiraj
Detect Layout Bugs by Simulating Human Eye - Surendran Ethiraj
The way to recover the issue faced in IoT regression Testing - Anuradha Band
SPEAKING EYE for differently abled people to see the web content - Nadeeka Samanthi Wijewantha
Bee-Hive approach for Big Data Testing [End to End Continuous Test Automation solution for Big Data] - Usharani Subramanian
Artificial Intelligence in Software Testing – Demystified - Ramakrishnan Venkatasubramanian
Database testing challenges & Best practices - Sarath Kumar
The great success in testing project: Emotional Intelligence empowered team - K.K.Pavithra Subashini
Protractor Cucumber BDD Approach - Rajat Acharya
HikeRunner: Load Test Framework - Harsh Verma
Security Testing for Healthcare applications - Gurupad Managoli
Blockchain Based Testing - Yogesh Mokase
Testing of Connected Cars Based on IOT - Kanchan Singh, Pritam Tirawadekar, Chinmay Gogte
CDC Tests - Integration Tests cant be made simpler than this! - Ramya Authappan
Machine Learning telepathy for Shift Right approach of testing - Santhosh GS
An Innovative Take on Versa Test - Amruta Dungarwal
Batch Workload Modelling and Performance Optimization - Ashish Powar
Cost-effective Security Testing Approaches for Web, Mobile & Enterprise Application - Varadarajan V. G.
Differentiation using Testing Tools and Automation in the BFS COTS Product World - Vrushal Palyekar
Performance Testing and Non-Functional Testing Strategy for Big Data Applications - Abhinav Gupta
Untapped Potential of Attractiveness Testing - Amit Srivastava, Shailesh Kalekar
ChatBot - Medha Garg
Wearable App Testing - Himansha Tyagi
Test Craftsmanship - Brijesh Deb
What Lies Beneath Robotics Process Automation - Aditya Garg & Brijesh Deb
GTR Presentations 2016


Yahya Devqaops updated
Test Automation in Agile
Anti Patterns of BDD - Shrini kulkarni
IoT: Testing - Shardul Rao
Service Virtualization - Kalpna
Testing AS A Container - Irfan Ahmad
Fidelity Test Data Management
BDD along with Continuous Integration
Patterns of a "Good" Test Automation Framework, Locators & Data
Test Engagement - Vishal Prasad
Mobile Application Testing Best Practices - Sumit Mundhada
The New Gives and Takes in a testers role
Using Docker for Testing - Mukta
Amalgamation of BDD, parallel execution and mobile automation
50+ ways to improve tester - programmer relationship
Big Data - Hadoop and MapReduce - Aditya Garg
#ATAGTR2016 Twitter Action
Simulating Different-Network Speeds using JMETER
Continuous Performance Testing with Taurus and Jmeter
Demystifying Devops - Uday kumar
WiKi Based Automation Testing: Fitness & DevOps
Modelling QA Transformation with Prime
Automation Testing Approach for Responsive Web Design
Augmented Reality & Software Testing - Sourabh d
Dr. shankar-dev ops-davinci_code_GTR
Mind Wave In Testing
Digital Assurance - Today & Tomorrow
Introduction - #ATAGTR2016